My Book

Keeping the fast isn't always easy, especially for those of us who are converts or grew up in non-observant houses. Many of us do not live in traditionally Orthodox countries and this means that the availability of fasting recipes and ingredients just aren't as available. As a wife and mother, I know what it is like to cook dinner for my family every single night but as someone with years of experience in catering and teaching others how to cook, it is admittedly easier for me. I wrote this book because I want others to have those kitchen skills so their fasting periods don't have to cause so much stress and worry and self-doubt. I can't be in every kitchen, I can't have all of you over to my house and cook dinner with you, but I did write a book.

This is kind of a cookbook, there are a lot of recipes in it. It is more of a guidebook to how to fast and how to plan meals and how to not lose your mind but I did not leave you hanging when it comes to recipes. I have all the info you need to adapt favorite recipes and I tell you about the egg replacers out there and how to decide what will work for your recipe. I have breakfast and snack ideas and lunch box packing tips and guys, seriously, I have the best Lenten chocolate cake you will ever taste. For reals. It took so many attempts and tweaks that my own children got sick of trying cake variations but I made them eat cake anyway and I did it for you. Because that is what I do.

Anyway, check it out. It is available from the publisher, Ancient Faith. You can also get it from Amazon. Prefer ebooks? That's cool. You can find my book for Kindle, Nook, iBook, or ePub HERE.