Connect with Me

Looking for where I am hanging out online?

  • I am a super insta junkie so you can find me over HERE all the time. You can also scroll through my images over there on the right. Send me a PM through IG and I will get right back at you.
  • I am on Facebook so you can find me on my general author page HERE and on my book's page HERE. You can send me PMs through either page but if you send me one to my personal page, it might get sent to my "other box". If I do not get back to you in a few hours, then try another method because FB probably ate it.
  • I do FB live videos through my book page a lot and if you have questions, lemme know and I can cover those.
  • I am on Ravelry but do a super bad job of updating and following so I am not going to bother to link to it. So, if you want to talk yarn, pop over to IG where I waste a ridiculous amount of time. I mean, ahem, creatively interact with my readership. Yeah.
  • Want to drop me an email? Send it to melissa AT but you, know, mush it together and replace the AT with the symbol so it actually gets to me.